Organizing, ADHD, and Productivity Coaching

Let’s create new habits…

​For many clients, working towards improved organization, time, and task management means uncovering strategies and habits that work with their existing strengths and capabilities.  

Coaching differs from hands-on organizing in that the coach assists not as an organizing consultant or trainer, but as a partner holding space for the client to uncover their own best solutions and strategies for progress. Through the practice of weekly conversations between the coach and client, we work together to explore goals, perspectives, and stuck spots, develop awareness, and create actions and strategies that draw upon the client’s existing wisdom and strengths.

Coaching can be the missing piece of the puzzle, and can be ideal for:

  • Adults with (or who think they may have) ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, or other brain-based differences​
  • Clients who want to maintain momentum after an organizing project
  • Business owners/leaders, parents, or creative people who are schedule-cluttered and overwhelmed
  • Clients who are curious and open to trying new perspectives for positive change​​

The mix of coaching techniques and organizing knowledge are a powerful combination for those who feel like they’ve tried everything to create the life order that fits who they are and where they want to be.


“Sara Skillen is phenomenal as a coach! When I began working with her I was in a bad place with my job, which in turn caused me to feel badly about myself. I procrastinated and spent most of the day staring at the clock waiting for the time to go home. Sara coached me to apply methods I used to achieve other goals and successes in life to my day-to-day work, and taught me to be kind to myself. Because of Sara I am now working all day to the point I am caught up and looking for additional work to do. I cannot thank her enough for all the help she gave me.”

– V.I., Nashville TN

Sara Skillen not only has the skill set to help adults with ADHD – she gets us! She listens to her clients with a sincere interest in understanding their experience and aspirations. I have been impressed with Sara’s respect for adults with ADHD, her knowledge of it and the effects of its symptoms, her ability to communicate clearly, and her passion for helping adults like me. Sara Skillen is an organizer coach who knows how to help adults live well with ADHD.”

– Terry M. Huff, LCSW, author of Living Well with ADHD.

SkillSet Coaching Sessions 

 Sessions are three 1-hour times per month and are conducted via phone or Zoom.

Additionally, Sara is a practitioner at The Lotus Center in Nashville, meeting with clients in person at their Midtown Nashville location on Mondays and Tuesdays – reach out to for more information.

Sessions include support materials, and unlimited email/text communication for questions or accountability in between conversations. Contact Sara to schedule your free Initial Discovery Call and learn how coaching might be the perfect solution for your organizing and life order challenges.


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