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Feeling the overwhelm of disorganization in your life, and not sure where or how to begin to make positive changes?

SkillSet offers unique, customized solutions, including ADHD Coaching and Holistic Organizing Consulting, for individuals and professionals needing support to achieve ​their organizing, personal productivity, and time management goals.


Partnering for Positive Change

Personal Organizing

Order for All Kinds of Spaces

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“I am finally accomplishing the goals and work successes that have always slipped away from me in the past, due to self-sabotaging habits I didn’t understand. Sara has helped me understand how I process information, move from what “should” work to what does work for me, and has helped restore my confidence in my abilities.” – K.W., Nashville

“I am ADD, and dyslexic, and I have struggled with executive functioning and organization for as long as I can remember. As an adult I also struggle with overwhelm and depression which caused my home to be an added stressor and not a true home. Sara met me where I was. She introduced me to her “L.E.S.S.” System and offered advice which allowed me to let go of my own judgement and shame and focus on the process. She helped me identify my strengths and make the system my own. Her support and guidance have allowed me to continue keeping my home a home.  I have learned that organization is a crucial part of self-care – I am so grateful for everything Sara did for me.” – E.K., Nashville

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