Let’s learn a little more…


What types of services does SkillSet Coaching offer?

  • Coaching for ADD/ADHD, organizing, productivity, and time management – what I like to call Holistic Life Order
  • Teaching organizing concepts virtually  
  • Spiritual direction, for those wrestling with questions of meaning and seeking order in their inner life
  • Speaking and workshops

I work primarily with adults with ADD/ADHD, but also creatives, entrepreneurs, or any individuals with curiosity and a desire to learn about the stuff behind their stuff, and uncover their inner organizer. 

What happens during my free Initial Consultation Call?

First we schedule a convenient time for you to talk with me about your goals and challenges – usually over the phone, but Zoom is cool too. I’ll ask questions about your situation, what works for you vs. what doesn’t, and what your greatest frustrations are with creating order in your life. We’ll decide together if my services can help you meet your goals, and I’ll suggest the next appropriate steps. The whole process is confidential, low-key, and friendly, and will take roughly 30-45 minutes

How do the coaching services work?

Coaching involves a co-created partnership between coach and client, engaging in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. Rather than serving as an organizing “expert”, I work with clients through a process of active listening, discovery, and creative discussion to determine specific actions for their life order challenges. Ideal for clients diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, coaching also works well for any individual who is curious about changing patterns that no longer serve them. Coaching is also particularly effective as a follow-up to hands-on home or business organizing services. Once we determine that coaching is a good fit for you, we schedule a series of 1-hour calls or Zoom sessions at your convenience.

Can we talk about topics other than organizing?

Sure – being organized and managing time effectively are not things that exist in silos. The order (or lack thereof) permeates through all aspects of life. The way you set up a closet impacts how you go about your day, which impacts what you’re able to accomplish, which impacts how you feel about yourself. So even though we might start from a place of getting your schedule more manageable, or helping you to follow through on your important projects, we usually end up covering lots of other life things like effective communication, leadership, ADHD education, routines and systems, and more. It all works together – and this is about you intuitively finding your own right level of order, and the things that support that order, to live a meaningful life that fits you.

I need a guest/speaker/presenter for my podcast/conference/webinar – what kinds of topics do you cover?

In the past I’ve spoken about general organization, decluttering, organizing the office or workspace, managing paperwork, simplification, setting and reaching goals, maintaining routines, how fear and other emotions impact our ability to move forward, mindfulness, the impact of neurodiversity on organization, and more. Have a different idea? I’m happy to have a conversation with you to tailor a presentation to your specific needs. Visit my Contact page to set up a time to chat, or reach out to me directly at sara@skillsetcoaching.com.

What is spiritual direction, and what does it have to do with being more organized?

Spiritual direction is a bit of a misnomer – spiritual directors don’t actually direct anything. What we do is serve as a compassionate witness to directees as they share about their inner lives, and wrestle with the hard questions about their spiritual journeys. It has similarities to coaching, but is less action-based and more about individual discovery, stretching, and growing.

I believe that regardless of faith tradition or background, we humans are meaning-seeking creatures – and that meaning undergirds what we do, the decisions we make, and the values we hold. If we can start the process of what Carl Jung called individuation, we can begin to make our choices at a soul-informed level. That, in my way of thinking, is what it has to do with creating holistic life order. 

I’m not religious. What if I don’t want to talk about any of the spiritual stuff in my coaching sessions?

Totally fine.

We will always stick to the topics and challenges you want to focus on. That said, you don’t have to be “religious” in any conventional sense of the word to be curious. My training is interfaith-based, so whether you are a life-long church goer,  or a skeptical agnostic (or anything in between), you can bring yourself wholly to the process and know that you’re in a safe place to explore and create positive changes.

I’m embarrassed about my challenges! What are you going to think? Will our sessions be confidential?

Rest assured, passing judgment is not the name of the game for me, and it certainly isn’t motivating. We will dig into in the process together, and we’ll take it at your pace and comfort level. Confidentiality is critical in the process of building trust in our work together.  You can be confident that no information (family, business, or otherwise) from your sessions will be shared with anyone else. More information about confidentiality is spelled out in all of my client agreements.

This all sounds nice, but what if I really just need someone to help me organize my overwhelming mass of stuff?

I’m still an organizer at heart, but I use different techniques (like the coaching). We can talk through your disorganization challenges, and I can consult with you on the best ways to create clutter-free, welcoming spaces. I do also have limited availability to do in-home organizing sessions for any of my current coaching clients. If you need a big job tackled, I know LOTS of great organizers in the Nashville area that I can refer you to, or you can search the websites listed below.

Is SkillSet Coaching licensed?

My certifications include Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Certified Organizer Life Coach (COLC), Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), and I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, the recognized and reliable professional association whose members adhere to a code of ethics when conducting business.  Additionally, I adhere to the BCPO Code of Ethics, the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics, and the Institute for Applied Coaching Code of Ethics.

What’s the best way for me to find a professional organizer or a coach in my area?

You can find excellent information, resources and access to professional organizers and/or qualified coaches through the following websites: