So I put a little pressure on myself here, didn’t I? If you read the last post (from further back than I’d like to admit), you might recall there was supposed to be this grand ending to the fairy tale.

I suppose I could get all grumpy and matter-of-fact and remind y’all that “life ain’t no fairy tale.” Buck up, Campers. Quit waiting around for a prince, or a wizard, or magic beans.

The truth is, I look back at that last post and realize that this tale will necessarily keep unfolding. There’s no clear happily-ever-after in sight. And while you might be left hanging, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a storyline to consider.

A while back, I tried googling “Spirituality and ADHD” (and the reverse, for good measure) to see if I could get a little inspiration. The results, frankly, were less than encouraging. Everything from how to pray it away (please, just…ugh) to sentiments about the structure of going to church (which isn’t all bad, but missing a lot of opportunity for further exploration) to the hypothesis that several Biblical characters must have had ADHD (??).

I guess people are trying, and that’s something. But I think it’s akin to looking for that perfect productivity “tip or trick” to make everything fall into place. “Give me the spiritual pill that will solve everything!” – a wish that is certainly not confined to the world of neurodiversity.

Point blank, everything that is an organizational challenge will not be instantly solved with anything conventional or by the book. If that were the case, I would have a different job. Everyone would read The Book or download The App and be done with it. But you can’t put the ordered life in a box with a bow. So, we’re all evolving and getting the idea that there’s so much more to it (I hope) – and that will take more than these initial blog posts from little ol’ me.

Yet the question remains – how do our spiritual experiences (or lack thereof) inform the order (or lack thereof) in our lives? Perhaps the answer lies in how you define “spiritual.” Is it a connection to God or The Universe, a mystical experience, meditation, painting a sunrise, giving birth, visiting your lonely neighbor, walking a labyrinth, talking with trees and rocks (and getting responses)? Could it even be about creating some sort of structure?


And how do you know when you’ve had such an experience? Sometimes it can be staring you in the face, but seems so natural you don’t recognize it until much later. Sometimes, people are afraid to acknowledge what they experience. Fear of “woo”, and the like.

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But when you have an experience or seek to deepen one, it’s in service to understanding a bit more about who you are – apart from the red-haired woman who works in accounting, or the person who loves college football and thrifting, or the talented musician who just got an ADHD diagnosis. We can only hope to scratch the surface of who we are in our lifetimes, but I think we come closer to what actually matters in the process.

And what matters is not so much whether the closet is in Instagram-worthy order. I feel somewhat confident that the Universe actually, honestly, does not give a hoot about matching hangers, or minimalism, or productivity apps, or closet systems. Those things are fine, but they, in and of themselves, don’t solve all the life order challenges.

The Universe might care about your comfort, ease, and what you deserve regarding how you live life, just for being human. The Universe might really want some clear spaces for you, spaces that allow you to move and breathe and do what you’re meant to do – both externally and internally. The Universe might want you to work with a schedule that has some sense of proactive choice, and the knowledge that who you are, just as you are, connects to that choice.

As I am forever learning and reminding myself, unconditional love is the basis of all that is spiritual. Your brain is your brain, as your heart is your heart, and your soul is your Soul – it’s all good. The vastness of what it is to be a human transcends diagnoses or labels (or even churches). Those things will inform, and help humans figure out a bit more about how to navigate our frequently unhelpful, entrenched standards. And then, I’m thinking…maybe they could start to look at something bigger and different. Something that doesn’t involve cramming or cajoling square pegs into round holes.

To that end, I’ll be offering three group opportunities for folks who want to work with me in the Winter of 2024, all of which will involve a holistic approach – one focused on organizing, one on working with time, and one on inner work. They are holistic in the sense of learning how to work a process of decluttering or creating a schedule, yes, but also how to do it in a way that supports a person’s unique soul growth.

And in a way that is hopefully, less Wicked Witch and more Ruby Slippers. Less dread-full, and more like creating your own ending to the tale.

Watch this space.

“May you recognize in your life the presence, power, and light of your soul. May you realize that you are never alone, that your soul in its brightness and belonging connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe. May you have respect for your own individuality and difference. ” – John O’Donohue